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Why Marijuana Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking Weed


Marijuana Vaporizing

A marijuana vaporizer such as the Volcano Vaporizer, Herbal Aire, or Vapolution are amazing devices that every cannabis enthusiasts should own. A marijuana vaporizer is the perfect compliment to a bong collection. They come in a variety of models and prices. Making vaporizers affordable for just about every pothead.
If you have pothead friends who already own a weed vaporizer then you probably heard them proclaim their marijuana vaporizer the best item to inhale cannabis with. They state their marijuana vaporizer gets them higher than smoking a joint ever did.

Is a marijuana vaporizer better ripping a bong?

Yes, a marijuana vaporizer is a far better alternative to smoking a joint or inhaling weed from a bong. Yet, most people do not understand why a vaporizer is better.


Why Vaporize Marijuana?

Vaporization provides the same effect as smoking cannabis. Releasing all the essential elements from cannabis without the harmful toxins associated with burning marijuana bud. The crucial difference between smoking marijuana in a joint or bong and vaporizers is vaporizers do not release harmful toxins.


Vaporizers don't burn marijuana bud.

The main problem with burning marijuana bud is that along with the essential elements that get you high - burning also releases toxins that causes harm.


Lung and throat cancers are two of the worst diseases attributed to smoking.

The harmful toxins released through combustion are CO2, carbon monoxide, tar, ash and several other carcinogenic elements that cause cancer. Another aspect of smoking is that the throat and lungs are subjected to high heat, which also causes damage, irrespective of what the herb is.


Conserve Cannabis with a Marijuana Vaporizer

According to studies, between 30 to 50 percent of marijuana bud is lost when a pothead rips a bong or smokes a joint. Think about it! The stream of smoke coming off your marijuana joint is lost to the wind.

Stinking of up your room with smell of marijuana.

While you hold a toke in, lung fulls of smoke is still blowing off your joint.


A marijuana vaporizer captures all this lost smoke.

Marijuana VaporizingAllowing you to use much less marijuana bud while achieving the same marijuana high. Using less marijuana to achieve the same or better weed high is one of the biggest reasons potheads love their vaporizers. Although the initial cost outlay may be prohibitively expensive, incredible amounts of money is saved by using a great deal less marijuana than smoking a joint.
A good marijuana vaporizer will use less than half the cannabis required than a joint. While producing the same or better weed high.

This accomplished because a vaporizer boils, not burns, your marijuana at the perfect temperature. Releasing cannabinoids in a healthy steam that is easily absorbed by lungs.


By vaporizing your marijuana at the correct temperature your marijuana stash will last much longer.


The beauty of cannabis vaporization is that it warms your marijuana bud at the correct temperature. A marijuana vaporizers temperature is almost half that of a marijuana joint's heater.


Since vaporization does not burn marijuana buds, the essential elements of your weed can be enjoyed without inhaling any unwanted toxins. Vapor is also much cooler than smoke and does not damage the throat or lungs in any way.


Vaporization provides the enjoyment and satisfaction of getting gunned on ganja along with health that smoking cannot. Making a marijuana vaporizer almost a needed item for serious cannabis users.



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