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What is the best temperature setting for vaporizing weed?


The best temperature for vaporizing weed is probably the most intriguing question for all vaporizer users. Even if you managed to scrape through a whole manual which goes with your vaporizer, in the end you still won’t be a bit wiser about the ideal temperature for a weed vaporizer. The only way to work it out, is to experiment with different temperatures settings for vaporizing weed. The best idea is to start from lower temperature and increase it as you work through the same herb material. In this way, you can find out at which temperature, you can get the best vapor.

The reason why you shouldn’t depend too much on manuals and prescribed temperatures for vaporizing weed is that some cheap weed vaporizers or portable weed vaporizers don’t have temperature displays of any kind so you have to trust only yourself. Even if you own an expensive digital weed vaporizer, temperature setting still can be inaccurate and can vary +/- 5°C.


Volcano Digit Vaporizer System

Volcano Digit Vaporizer System


The weed moisture also influences the temperature setting for a weed vaporizer. If you put dry, well-grind weed into the vaporizer, you can set lower temperature. Whereas, when your weed is moist, stick to higher temperature to get more satisfying effects.

In fact, there’s no true answer for the best temperature for vaporizing weed because it depends on what you like. Some people prefer to vaporize weed in the vaporizer at lower temperature around 185°C which is temperature at which weed vaporizes. At this temperature the vapor is full of active elements of weed excluding dangerous toxins such as benzene. Contrary to what many vapers believe, benzene can be also produced in vaporizing process at temperature around 200°C. It’s dangerous for health since it can cause liver, kidney, brain, heart diseases and even cancer. Surprisingly, even people who are aware of health hazards, opt for higher temperature. They believe that vaporizing weed even at higher temperature is still much healthier than smoking. Similarly, higher temperature setting for vaporizing weed is preferred by people who use vaporizer to vaporize weed for pain relief.



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