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What is a Marijuana Vaporizer?


Marijuana vaporizers are not new. However, these amazing devices that boil marijuana at the best temperature for vaporization have been greatly improved upon in the last several years. The marketplace for marijuana vaporizers is booming with several makes, models and companies producing vaporizers.


Along with the numerous models of marijuana vaporizers the price is greatly different. Allowing cannabis enthusiasts of all financial resources to enjoy owning a marijuana vaporizers.Marijuana Vaporizer The present marijuana vaporizer market could be a little confusing as a collection of vaporizer models are giving a huge range of features at varying prices. You can select the best weed vaporizer by knowing which vaporizer suits your personal needs.

A fine vaporizer when used on the proper temperature could increase your marijuana supply by almost double. You can?t disregard that with great marijuana selling for even more than $400. By figuring in cannabis consumption many vaporizers will pay for themselves in a short period of time.


Marijuana vaporizers get you more high per gram of cannabis than a joint.


What are some of the differences in marijuana vaporizers?

Conduction vs. Convection:

There are mainly two important technologies that are used by almost all vaporizers; they are Conduction and Convection.


The Conduction model is also known as hot-plate. It works as follows. Marijuana bud is kept on an electrified hot-plate. The marijuana bud gets vaporized due to the physical contact among the heated-plate and your bud. Conduction models are not as effective as convention Marijuana Vaporizermodels, but are usually cheaper.
The convection design is more advanced, but is usually an expensive vaporization technology. A flow of hot air runs over your marijuana bud releasing THC into a vapor.
Some of the famous convection designs are Mystifire, Vapezilla, Volatizer VM3, VooDoo, Vapolution, and so on.


Ineffective designs would lead to wasted pot and would leave behind partially consumed marijuana buds. Some of the most effective designs are: Super Vapezilla, Vapolution, Vapezilla, Mystifire and Volcano Vaporizer.


Vaporizers such as Vape, Dominizer, VooDoo and Volatizer VM3 have started to give more attention to portability.


There is nothing like the top vaporizer. Take for example the Mystifire and Volcano Vaporizer which are considered some of the best. However, they are bulky and difficult to travel with.


The marijuana vaporizer market is in full boom. Creating more efficient and cheaper vaporizer brands. Allowing potheads of all financial resources to own a vaporizer for their personal enjoyment. The price range is deeply varied based on a purchasers individual preference and budget.


A person can spend less than $40 on a Solarizer, or $99 for a BC Vaporizer or even $500 on a Volatizer VM3.
Whatever design you opt for all weed vaporizers are a healthy alternative to smoking marijuana.



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