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What balloon vaporizers are available on the market?


Basically, there are two types of delivering the vapor into your lungs: direct inhalation and the forced air bag-fill style. The second method is used in balloon style vaporizers. An automatic pump or fan fills the bag with produced vapor. The vapor in the balloon can be stored from five to ten minutes. So it?s just enough time to share it with others. Some maintain that vapor can be kept for longer in the balloon but its quality may decrease so if you want to get nice high, don?t wait and don?t let it to be wasted. You can convert most balloon vaporizers easily into whip style vaporizers which are great for those who always want to have an option. Thou there are also vaporizers which strictly offer only balloon vaporization.


Volcano Vaporizer nicely fits into this category and is a real must have for people who want to stick solely to balloon vaporization. Storz & Bickel went to great lengths to simplify the vaporizing process as much as possible. It?s enough to press button to start heating the vaporizer which takes up to 5 minutes. Then, you have to place filling chamber with plant material on exhaust vent, pre-heat it a little bit and turn the fan on. Now, the only thing that?s left, is to place the balloon on the valve of the filling chamber and wait till it?s filled. You can take it off when you are satisfied with its density. Then, detach the balloon from the vaporizer, attach mouthpiece, which saves the vapor from wasting, and inhale. It?s as simple as that. Unfortunately, balloons in Volcano Vaporizer wear out after some time but are replaceable and you can replace them even with ordinary oven bags, which you certainly have in your kitchen.


So if you prefer group vaporization, choose balloon style vaporizer and Volcano Vaporizer certainly won?t let you down.



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