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What Are Marijuana Vaporizer


Marijuana vaporizer have become very popular amongst older cannabis enthusiasts who want to cut down on the harmful toxins found in weed. While younger potheads have discovered vaporizers get them much higher than with traditional bong or joint tokes.


Marijuana VaporizerA cannabis vaporizer, operating on the correct temperature, is by far the most effective method of cutting down on toxins.
More than a joint or bong.
Marijuana vaporizers are one of the most wonderful machines to inhale marijuana from. Vaporizers set on the proper temperature do not burn marijuana.
By using gentle heat, about half the temperature of a flame from a lighter, a vaporizer will boil your marijuana buds releasing only the good qualities.
And all of them!


Setting on the proper temperature is key to success.
For marijuana to form vapor the temperature must be set between 380F and 420F.
The finest temperature I've found for marijuana is 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Some marijuana strains vaporize at a little less some a little more.


Different temperatures achieve different results.
Marijuana must be heated until the THC resin inside the bud is warm enough to initiate vaporizing. When the marijuana bud begins vaporizing you're all set to either fill a balloon or use the extended tube attached to the vaporizer to begin inhaling. How do vaporizer compare to smoking weed using a lighter flame?


A lighter flame can generate temperatures of over 1200 degrees! More than double the temperature needed to release THC.
When you rip a bong using fire you're burning your marijuana bud at over twice the needed temperature to get you high. You're losing over half of your marijuana bud to burning! It's even worst with a joint.


Unlike bongs or joints with their thick heavy smoke, marijuana vapor appears as a thin mist ready to be breathed in. Fooling many cannabis enthusiasts to believe it's not as good.
Do not be fooled, this marijuana mist is much more potent than bong or joint smoke.
And it tastes better too!
Outcomes vary depending on model.


Marijuana VaporizerExpensive vaporizers can extract almost all the good parts of a marijuana bud while leaving behind the bad. A survey conducted by NORML illustrates the benefit of marijuana vaporizers over traditional method of smoking. Noting there are several health advantages to using a marijuana vaporizer versus smoking a joint or bong.
Sadly, most of people are uninformed about the use of marijuana vaporizers. The knowledge about its usage and health benefits is bound to motivate people to buy marijuana vaporizers.
By using a marijuana vaporizers one can, undoubtedly, feel the pleasure of toking without any other toxic substances found in weedharming them. Creating a wonderful experience with amazing health benefits as well.



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