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What Are Different Types of Marijuana Vaporizers?


The actual operation of a marijuana vaporizer depends on the model. There are two basic models of cannabis vaporizers. One model fills marijuana vapor in a balloon while the other model an enthusiasts uses a tube to toke from.
Some models are hybrids of the two!


Marijuana VaporizersBoth balloon and tube vaporizers are equally effective.
Some of the more popular balloon style vaporizers are Volcano Vaporizer, Herbal Aire and Vapormatic Deluxe. The Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit are considered vaporizer kings! .
Balloon vaporizers work by pumping vaporized marijuana mist into a special balloon that is detached from the vaporizer then inhaled whenever you are ready. In most cases the balloon is able to hold more vapor compared to the other styles.


A fine vaporizer when used on the proper temperature could increase your marijuana supply by almost double. You can?t disregard that with great marijuana selling for even more than $400. By figuring in cannabis consumption many vaporizers will pay for themselves in a short period of time.


Tube vaporizers such as Hotbox Vaporizer are traditionally more affordable than balloon vaporizers but slightly less effective. Marijuana enthusiasts inhale vapor from a tube attached to the vaporizer model.


These kinds of vaporizers require some skill to fully master. With a little bit of practice an enthusiast will be able to achieve an amazing marijuana experience using a tube vaporizer.


Many models of vaporizers, like Vapir One and Volcano Digit use a digital read out to measure temperature. They offer precise temperature control. Interestingly when given a opportunity to set the temperature, potheads choose 420F, which is often too high.


Marijuana VaporizersThe Conduction model is also known as hot-plate. It works as follows. Marijuana bud is kept on an electrified hot-plate. The marijuana bud gets vaporized due to the physical contact among the heated-plate and your bud. Conduction models are not as effective as convention models, but are usually cheaper.
Marijuana buds begin to vaporizer at 380F.
With many people finding success at 410F.
Marijuana vaporizers have come a long way from the days of classic vaporizers like the BC Vaporizer.


Vaporizing marijuana has really caught on with health conscious cannabis enthusiasts. As the demand for vaporizers has continuly increased different kinds of models have become available. From a variety of vaporizer companies.
Consumers have plenty of choice when buying a vaporizer.



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