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VaporMatic Deluxe: a good alternative to Volcano Vaporizer or a waste of money?


Vaporizers are gaining popularity day by day. People often look for cheaper alternatives to Volcano Vaporizer and their pick is often VaporMatic Deluxe. Many users believe that VaporMatic Deluxe can be a good step in that direction but for many it's still rather a poor match for a "powerful" Volcano Vaporizer.

The first thing that attracts buyers' attention is the VaporMatic Deluxe retro look. It reminds a toaster with its rectangular, chrome exterior and pink knobs. It's pink design looks cute and seems to be more suitable for a schoolgirl than a weed smoker. Still it seems to be a really well-made vaporizer in comparison to plastic ones available on the market.


VaporMatic Deluxe is a digital vaporizer which can be used either as a whip or balloon vaporizer. The possibility to choose between these two styles is a really great option for people who expect their vaporizer to adjust to their needs. They can choose a bag when they want to store vapor for later or turn to direct inhalation when they're in mood for a denser vapor. Though the problem with VaporMatic Deluxe balloons is that for many users they smell of plastic and it's necessary to use various blends to kill this smell or simply choose other bags.


VaporMatic Deluxe has also a unique filling disc system which makes the vaporizer really easy to use. It's enough to put herbs in the disc and insert everything into the vaporizer. VaporMatic Deluxe is a digital vaporizer which controls temperature very precisely. The vaporizer heats quickly and you can adjust both fan speed and temperature. Unfortunately, it takes some time to find a perfect temperature and fan setting for your herbs. More so, some users complain that the fan is too loud but I guess it's something you can get used to. The vaporizer is equipped with quartz crystal heating unit which reduces heater burnout and provides longer operational life of the vaporizer.


Generally, VaporMatic Deluxe is certainly a cheaper alternative to Volcano Vaporizer but users' opinions vary a lot and some people are open-minded to try a new digital vaporizer while others prefer to stick to tried and true Volcano Vaporizer. Nevertheless, in most cases, VaporMatic Deluxe doesn't live up to users expectations and is ranked rather as a mediocre vaporizer.



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