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Vaporizers exclusively used for the vaporization of marijuana


Choosing the best vaporizer for vaporizing marijuana is not an easy task. There’re many quality vaporizers on the market and there’s not much scientific testing which vaporizer is the best at extracting the maximum amount of THC. That’s why the choice can be mainly based on other users’ opinions and your own preferences concerning a weed vaporizer.


When you decide that it’s a high time to hook one weed vaporizer for yourself, choose the one with the most precise temperature control. It’s really crucial for a marijuana vaporizer because the plant material is heated up to the appropriate temperature (for marijuana it’s 180° – 200° C/ 356°-392°F) at which substance turns into vapor without burning the plant material. The vapor created in the vaporizer contains active substances of weed but is devoid of cancerogenic chemicals. The most precise are digital vaporizers but there’re a bit pricey at the same time. Volcano Vaporizer is widely popular among weed vaporizer users thanks to its accurate temperature control, reliability and high quality.


Another thing which speaks for switching to weed vaporizer is the quality of the vapor. Smoke created in the process of burning marijuana is highly irritating for your lungs and throat, causing coughing and other side effects. The vapor from the weed vaporizer is like a mild mist which is soothing and pleasurable for your respiratory system and whole body. More so the vapor created in such a way is odorless, so you no longer have to worry about irritating weed smell which usually remains for a long time after vaporizing session.


If you’re still not convinced that weed vaporizer sounds like something to try, you should think about practical matter such as money. Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve wasted your weed or you’d like to squeeze more out of it? With cannabis vaporizer such thought will never cross your mind again. Actually you can expect to use half of the weed in the vaporizer compared to a regular joint. More so, some stoners believe that you can get a cleaner and better high from the vapor than from smoke.



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