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Vaporizers Performance Factors - Vapor Quality


First of all, the wide range of results from tests of different vaporizers suggest that the choice of vaporizer brand or model is a major factor in determining delivery efficiency and the amount of harmful byproducts produced. Simply put high quality vaporizers vaporize much better than cheaper, less precise models.


Factors affecting vaporizers output include:

1. Temperature - as different herbs contain different active ingredients, which vaporize at different temperature. I.e. thc vaporizes at 392F (200C), but peppermint vaporizes at 302F (150C). Check out our herbs vaporization temperatures

2. Specimen density, weight, content of water and essential oils - it's much more difficult to vaporize pieces of hard root than fresh plant leaves

3. Consistency of material in the filling chamber - whatever you want to vaporize cut it in small pieces for success

4. Prepreparation of vaporized material such as crude flowertops, herbs, extracts, oil and other

5. Storage time of the vapor as it slowely condenses - the longer vapor is stored, the more of the active ingredient is lost as it condenses on the surface of the vaporizer or the balloon. This loss may be negligible over a few minutes but may exceed 50% after 90 minutes.

6. Proportion of active ingredients exhaled - Your breathing technique is to keep the vapor in your lungs as long as possible before exhaling and if possible exhale via blowback technique. You are recommended to inhale deliberately, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale again. Only inhale about half the amount you normally can inhale.


Not all those have been scientifically tested. Research using the vaporizer found the delivery efficiency highest at around 226 degrees Celcius, falling to about half efficiency at 150 to 180 degrees depending on material. The purest preparations produced the highest efficiencies, about 54% for pure herb versus 29% for plant material (flowertops) with 12% active ingredient content. Using pure herb in the Volcano, no degradation products or unknown compounds were detected by HPLC analysis.



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