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Introduction To Marijuana Vaporizers

A vaporizer is a device commonly used to release medicinal or psychoactive compounds from plant material commonly known as cannabis. For medical or recreational cannabis users, vaporizing is a healthy cheaper alternative to smoking joints or bongs.

These amazing devices have come along way from BC Vaporizer.
As vaporizers have become more popular among health conscious enthusiasts more makes and models are available. Yet, they all work on the same principal. Gentle warm the herb to create marijuana mist.
Vaporizing cannabis is better than burning with a flame.


How do marijuana vaporizers work?
Rather than burning cannabis a vaporizer boils (typically around 200 degrees Celsius or 410 Fahrenheit) marijuana. The volatile psychoactive and medicinal ingredients contained in the plant's oily glandular secretions melt and phase into an aromatic vapor that does not contain the tars found the smoke.


Marijuana VaporizersAre marijuana vaporizers better for you than smoking?
Yes! Vaporizers are dramatically healthier for you than inhaling from a joint or bong. By not burning plant matter vaporizers eliminate many of the harmful toxins released associated with burning marijuana bud. With less or no smoke formed, and a cooler temperature, the irritating or harmful effects of smoke and associated toxins are greatly reduced or even eliminated. Smoking cannabis is widely considered to be a health hazard, not due to the effects of cannabinoids, but rather due to the effects of the byproducts formed during combustion. Consequently, the shortcomings of smoked cannabis have been widely viewed as a major obstacle for approval for medical users.


Is their evidence vaporizers are better for you?
Yes! Several scientific studies have tried to establish whether vaporizers could offer a clinically reliable and safe method of cannabis use. Though vaporizers show great variations in performance many studies have found vaporization superior to smoking.


What are the differences between expensive vaporizers and cheap vaporizers?
Extraction. Different models of vaporizers extract cannabis to varying degrees of success. Temperature control is critical to vaporization. Generally expensive vaporizers extract THC much better than cheaper models of vaporizers.


Marijuana VaporizersCan I bake with vaporizer leftovers?
Yes! Many enthusiasts save their leftovers after a vaporizer session to make bake goods with. They use a cannabutter recipe. Instead of adding cannabis they use their leftover vaporizer material. This is very effective at creating a very sedate stone.



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