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Types of portable vaporizers.


Once you’ve decided that you want a portable vaporizer because it suits your needs best, I have bad news for you, it’s not the end of the story, decision making doesn’t end at this point. Apart from choosing a basic type of vaporizer you want, you should also think about the specific attributes of models which are offered in the category of pocket size vaporizers. Basically, portable vaporizers are divided according to the heat source. You can choose between battery vaporizers, lighter vaporizers or vaporizers with a butane tank.


VM3 Portable Vaporizer

VM3 Portable Vaporizer


Battery powered vaporizers are the right choice for people who don’t want to play with the fire from a lighter and don’t like the smell of butane. These portable vaporizers are usually more expensive than other units because they utilize cutting-edge technology. Battery vaporizers are quite sophisticated in design and technology but still they’re relatively easy to use as they require no learning curve. Their definite upside is that you can regulate the temperature and avoid the risk of burning the weed. The battery vaporizers which have a good run are Oxygen Mini, VM3 Volatizer, Vapolution, Magic Flight Launch and The Arizer Solo Handheld Vaporizer with lithium ion battery.


If you’re a kind of person who always keeps forgetting to charge a mobile phone, then battery vaporizer is not the best option for you. Therefore, lighter powered vaporizer can be a better alternative. First thing which speaks for this type of pocket size vaporizers is the fact that they are quite cheap. The portable vaporizers with a lighter are simple in design but it doesn’t mean that they’re worse. It all boils down to the matter of preference because they are equally durable, efficient and compact as more expensive vaporizers. Lighter powered vaporizer’s downside is the risk of burning the weed when the temperature is too high. Certainly it’s not a big deal for experienced users but beginners may find it difficult at first. In this category the VaporGenie has a big edge on other vaporizers, but also the Vapman, The Phyto Lab Vaporizer are worth recommending.


On offer they’re also portable vaporizers with a butane tank. There aren’t many pocket size vaporizers like that but they’re worth a try. If interested to check them out, turn to the Iolite Vaporizer and its newer and smaller version WISPR Vaporizer. They both feature refillable butane tank which has a butane level control in a new model and the butane can last for even three hours of continuous vaping. Such long time of usage eliminates the problem of taking additional butane to refill the tank if you’re outside your house.



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