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Things you should avoid when using a vaporizer with cannabis.


It’s no wonder that when you have weed, you want to get the most out of it. The vaporizer is the best way to conserve your weed on condition that you use it in a right way. There’re some things which you should keep in mind when using the vaporizer if you don’t want to spoil your vaping session.


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Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer


The key to success to vaporize marijuana in a proper way is the right temperature. It differs according to users, their preferences and vaporizers they’re using. Generally, a perfect vaporizing temperature for marijuana ranges between 284°F and 392°F. When vaporizing temperature is too low, the outcome is a weak vapor which contains too much air. On the other hand, when it’s too high you can destroy all active ingredients of weed or even burn it. You need to experiment and find a balance if you don’t want your weed to smell of burnt popcorn or get the vapor which doesn’t smell at all.

You should also be patient and commit some time for preparing and finely grinding marijuana rather than throwing whole buds directly into the filling chamber. You can be sure that this time is not wasted and only contributes to better quality of produced vapor. You should also learn how much weed you should put into the filling chamber to get as much vapor as you want. Don’t overfill the vaporizer and don’t use the same plant material too many times. If the material has still some potential, you can reuse it for baking marijuana brownies or something of the kind. Whereas, when you’ve vaped it for too long, you only waste time trying to squeeze something more out of it.

Finally, the tip for newbie vapers. No matter how excited you are about first-time vaping, try not to inhale too much vapor. In the beginning it’s hard to feel how much vapor can get you high. Even when the vapor seems to be thin and you think that it’s weak, remember that the density of vapor doesn’t determine its potency and strength.



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