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The versatility of Voodoo vaporizer


When you first come across Voodoo vaporizer, its name can appear quite quirky. But after second thought, it turns out that’s a really right choice. Think about the basis of Voodoo religion which is possession ritual. When you use Voodoo vaporizer, you also undergo some kind of possession ritual which characterizes itself by irresistible need to inhale vapor and derive pleasure from it.


Voodoo vaporizer is one of the most popular handheld vaporizers available on the market. There’re many aspects which contribute to its success. The vaporizer’s relatively small size makes it possible to take it with you even on a trip. But hold the applause; it’s no match for highly portable vaporizers which you can safely squeeze into your pocket. More so, the vaporizer goes with car adaptor kit which contributes to convenience of using the vaporizer outside home.


It’s not the end to accessories which can enhance vaping experience and create new possibilities for using Voodoo vaporizer. Apart from car adaptor kit, you can find also mini herb grinder there. Although grinder’s quality is no match for the ones which can be bought separately, it’s nice to have it, especially for novice. Another extra is the key for locking the unit. Thanks to it, it is safe to leave the vaporizer at the top, especially if you’re a concerned parent and you’re afraid of your nosy children who’ll find everything everywhere no matter how good and canny the hideout is.


Another thing which makes Voodoo vaporizer extremely versatile is the possibility to use dual delivery method. Depending on the needs you can attach a whip or a bag. The bag fills very quickly with vapor and is equipped with a spring loaded adaptor so there’s no need to be afraid that you’ll waste your vapor.


Certainly great looks and useful extras are not the only advantages of Voodoo vaporizer. This vaporizer effectively creates a clear vapor which is achieved thanks to advanced technology of incorporating quartz into heating element. The vaporizer is also very easy to operate and has adjustable temperature and fan speed.



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