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The vaporizer pipe - discover the new face of smoking!


Have you noticed that some cigarette smokers who quit find comfort in holding a pen or putting it in their mouth? The vaporizer pipe does that for you. It?s truly portable vaporizer so you?ll find something relaxing in holding it and smoking wherever you want. Certainly, you can?t get it from a vaporizer bag. Because vaporizer pipe is so similar to standard one, it helps to make transition from smoke to vapor. And the most appealing is the fact that you feel like smoking while enjoying the benefits of vaporizing.


Vaporizer pipe is totally different from standard pipe, though its look may mislead you. It offers safer and more pleasant alternative to conventional combustion. Herbs or tobacco are gently heated via convection technology releasing active ingredients and reducing inhalation of tar. More so, vaporizer pipe doesn?t give off any smoke and barely has any smell at all so it?s perfect for stealth missions.


Vapor Genie is truly portable vaporizer and stoners believe it has the edge on others. It won?t let you down, if you?re looking for portable, simple and reliable vaporizer pipe. Vaporizing with Vapor Genie is as easy as pie. The only thing you have to do is to load it with tobacco, screw flame ceramic filter on pipe, then inhale from the pipe while supplying flame to flame filter. Next, adjust the temperature by adjusting the amount of flame and speed of inhalation. This vaporizer pipe is not as easy as electronic model since you have to control the draw and the flame time to get the right temperature, but most people get the hang of it pretty quickly. Vapor is fairly smooth and you can get thicker hits than from standard vaporizer. More so, vaporizer pipe is less expensive and requires no heat-up time.


If you?re still freaked-out that vaporizer pipe is too close to combustion, read people?s thoughts on them and they?ll certainly convince you to have a go at it. Portable vaporizers are tried and true so if you?re ready for a really good time, vaporizer pipe is a must have.



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