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The uniqueness of Volcano vaporizer and its advantages explained.


Volcano vaporizer is one of the top rated vaporizers available on the market. Although at the first sight, it may seem that it is comparable with other devices of this type; precision, reliability and high quality distinguish it among others. This vaporizer is a real value for money and one can be sure that the money spent on it is well invested.


The Volcano vaporizer is manufactured by Storz & Bickel of Germany, an unquestionable leader among the producers of vaporizers. The Volcano vaporizer’s high quality and uniqueness has been confirmed by receiving US Patent # 6513524, as well as German Patent # 1980376 and European Patent # 0933093 for its advanced technology. Volcano’s state-of-the-art design and construction has been rewarded in 2003 with Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Prize. Each customer who has purchased Volcano vaporizer has the tangible proof of its reliability in the form of 3 year warranty.


The Volcano vaporizer is high-tech aromatherapy vaporizer which produces hot air stream and in this way heats herbs. By releasing active ingredients of plant material at precise temperature, the risk of inhaling harmful substances, which normally originate in the process of burning, is eliminated. The result is a clean and intense vapor which one can inhale joyfully without troubling oneself with health hazards which are associated with traditional smoking.


The Volcano vaporizer has numerous outstanding advantages which do not allow anyone to mistake it for any other device of this type. The first thing that catches one’s eye immediately is vaporizer’s modern design which makes it not only pleasant to look at but also extremely durable thanks to stainless steel exterior. Nevertheless, its advantages go beyond its fashionable look. The superiority of the Volcano vaporizer results from the fact that it keeps the desirable vaporization temperature which contributes to obtaining high quality vapor. Consequently, the vaporizer is extremely efficient as it extracts the very essence of herbs while using up less plant material. Moreover, you can store your vapor for later in theballoon thanks to patented valve system which keeps it inside so that vapor looses nothing from its quality. Additionally, the Volcano vaporizer is easy to operate so one doesn’t have to lose own time and energy on struggling with intricate manuals but can enjoy one’s own vaporizer straight away.



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