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The superiority of vaporization over smoking.


Vaporizing or smoking? That's the question! Unfortunately, there's no correct answer. There are as many opinions on vaporizing and smoking as people who have tried them. Some prefer the taste of vapor from vaporizer, others can't live without feeling a harsh smoke in their throats, it's a matter of personal taste and you can't do anything about it. Still you it's hard to deny that there are proven benefits of vaporizing. Everybody who has tried both can tell the difference between vapor and smoke.


Smoking is known for centuries and still for many it's a kind of ritual that cannot be replaced by anything else. But let?s face the truth, the combustion of tobacco or cannabis releases toxins which are harmful for our body, especially lungs. Just to name a few: CO2, carbon monoxide, tar, ash and several other carcinogenic elements that cause cancer. More so, hot smoke can cause the irritation of throat and lungs. In fact, what we get in the process of smoking is burned plant material deprived of any active ingredients of smoked plants.


Vaporization, on the other hand, is healthier alternative for those who feel it's high time to take a gasp on health and give their lungs relief. In the process of vaporizing herbs the accurate temperature setting eliminates the risk of burning plant material. Hot air created in the vaporizer passes freely through herbs and heats them just enough to release active ingredients of plant material without burning it. In result, vaporizing extracts the intense and essential flavour of herb. Received vapor is smooth and not irritating for lungs, it removes the tightness of lungs and reduces coughing. Vapor is also much cooler than smoke and doesn't damage the throat or lungs in any way.


Many users of the vaporizers also noted a big difference between vapor and smoke. When they use the vaporizer for smoking cannabis, they don't fell lethargic and the high from the vaporizer is cleaner. They don't get stoned sitting on the coach and watching TV thoughtlessly but they're full of energy. More so, vaporizing is more efficient than smoking. Using the vaporizer, you need less herb material to get the same effect as during smoking. So maybe you should think about your finances as well. In the long run you can save money. Also, you should keep in mind that thanks to portable vaporizers, vaporizing herbs is as easy as lightning a cigarette. So you can enjoy the benefits of herbs wherever you want without problems associated with inhalation of combusted material. So go for it and happy vaping;)



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