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The size which matters – handheld vaporizer.


With the advancement of technology everything is getting smaller and smaller, more functional and user-friendly. It’s also applicable to the vaporizers which more often combine effectiveness and high quality with portability and convenience. The outcomes of such combinations are handheld vaporizers which are so small that you can take them wherever you want, holding them just in your hand or keeping them in a pocket.

The discussion about handheld vaporizers comes down mainly to their size and design. The basic idea is to choose the handheld vaporizer which nicely fits into your palm and is easy to use outdoors. The design is so important because the vaporizer has to be comfortable enough to hold it most of the time in your hand. One of the most popular handheld vaporizer is Magic Flight Launch Box. It’s great because its compact, simple, can fit each pocket and above all is cheap. Its sleek wood design certainly will attract people who choose simplicity and comfort over gimmick vaporizers. Good points for portability scores Iolite as well. It’s light, tiny and feels nice in your hand. Additionally, the producer offers the wide range of colours so you can personalize your vaporizer to your liking.


Iolite Herbal Vaporizer

Iolite Herbal Vaporizer


If you’re thinking about handheld vaporizer, it’s obvious that you’re not going to sit with it on the couch in your house. Therefore, apart from stealth and the comfort of use, you should go for the handheld vaporizer with a power supply which wouldn’t restrict or spoil your vaping session in any way. There’re few options to choose from: rechargeable battery, butane or lighter powered vaporizer. Iolite has butane fill which lasts quite long and thanks to that it has a big edge on other handheld vaporizers which are powered in other ways. With Iolite you can enjoy vaping longer than with battery powered vaporizers. It’s a factor which you have to keep in mind especially when you’re outdoors. In such situation, you have rarely the possibility to charge your batteries when they run out of power in the middle of your vaping session. So when you go for a hiking trip or camping, it’s better to stick to butane which is more reliable outdoors than electricity.

When you choose a suitable handheld vaporizer, it’ll quickly became as indispensable as a mobile phone and I’m sure it will be at your side every day.



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