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The importance of setting right temperature for vaporizing herbs.


Vaporization can bring desirable effects only when done properly. The crucial thing when you start vaporizing herbs is to check the right temperature at which you make given herbs to vaporize. You should always follow vaporizer temperature guide which is often attached to the manual of a given vaporizer. Alternatively, you should go online and look for people’s opinions on the right temperatures for vaporizing herbs. Unfortunately, the main advice you can get is to go by trial and error to test the best setting which can give you the maximum satisfaction with your vapor and will be perfect for the vaporizer you are using.


The right herb vaporization temperatures are so important because when you set the wrong temperature you run the risk of burning your herbs. Then you lose all the benefits of vaporization as it gets pretty much the same as smoking. At too high herb vaporization temperature, all toxins are released. Some people think that when they choose higher temperature, they’ll get denser vapor, which in fact is a common mistake.


The thing that you have to keep is in mind is also the fact that different models of vaporizers have various temperature accuracy. With digital vaporizers, such as Volcano vaporizer, vaporizing herbs is as easy as pie as the vaporizer can keep the optimal temperature. Still it takes some time before you work out perfect temperature for vaporizing herbs in your vaporizer. One of the indicators that show you that your herb vaporization temperature is right, is the white vapor which appears in your vaporizer. When it isn’t visible, even when you wait for some time, it means that temperature is too low for a given herb. On the other hand, when you see brownish smoke you should immediately turn the temperature down as it indicates that your herbs are burning.


For aromatherapy purposes you can use the following herbs to vaporize: Chamomile (374°F), Damiana (374°F), Passion Flower (309°F), Green Tea (374 F), Peppermint (331°F), Spearmint (309 F), Raspberry Leaf (374 F), Eucalyptus (266°F), Lavender (266°F), Thyme (374°F), Sage (374°F), Lemon Balm (288°F) and many others. The only limit is your imagination and willingness to experiment with herbal blends. Try it for yourself and bring vaporizing herbs onto a whole new level.



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