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The comparison of whip vaporizers and balloon vaporizers.


When thinking about buying a vaporizer, the first thing is to choose between a whip vaporizer and bag vaporizer. Generally the choice is a matter of individual preferences and individual needs. But it’s good to think them over well before shelling out a lot of money on an expensive vaporizer which in the end will collect dust because it may turn out that its purchase wasn’t well-thought-out.


Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer


Many folks who have experience with a whip vaporizer and bag vaporizer claim that when it comes to the whip vaporizer its main pros is dense vapor which you can directly inhale through the whip. When you use whip, you can easily control how fast you want to inhale the vapor. When you inhale it slower, the vaporizer produces more vapor but when you increase the speed of inhalation you can get huge and strong rips. Its advantage over balloon style vaporizer is the fact that the number of hits is not limited by the bag size.


On the other hand, whip vaporizers are quite fragile as whips may be made of glass which makes them easily breakable. When it comes to screens, it also takes some time to master how to change them correctly. The whip vaporizer is also difficult to carry around, so it certainly looses a point for portability. Overall, it seems that the biggest downside of whip vaporizers is that they require a learning curve. The thing that you need to learn is how to control vapor density by means of proper inhalation. But once you learn how to do that, you can enjoy a thicker and richer vapor in comparison to one from a bag vaporizer. When the easiness of use is not the issue for you, but rather the vapor’s quality and intensity matters more, then something what seemed to be a downside in the beginning may turn out to be the winning issue here.


Another option to consider is balloon style vaporizer. Thanks to detachable balloon, it’s easily portable and great to share with friends during parties. Additionally, inflating balloon looks really cool and it’s fun to observe how it fills in. In comparison to the whip vaporizer, the vapor which you inhale from the bag is cooler and thanks to that, you don’t have to worry that it can be irritating for your throat or lungs. Unlike the whip vaporizer, the bag vaporizer doesn’t require learning curve. It’s enough to flip the switch and wait for the bag to fill in. Here the amount of the vapor doesn’t depend on the speed of inhalation.


However the balloon vaporizer seems to be really encouraging, hold the applause because it also has some cons. The vapor is thinner than that from the whip vaporizer and is stored in a plastic bag. For some users it’s the main deterrent factor. They feel uncomfortable to inhale the vapor from a plastic bag because they are afraid that it may contain some toxins. More so, you need some patience to wait for the bag to fill in and you also have to be aware that hit size depends on the bag size. If you use your bag vaporizer alone, it’s also probable that you can waste the vapor because you may get too high to finish filled balloon.


Once you get the point what you want and what you expect, your vaping experience is going to be epic either with a whip or bag vaporizer.



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