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The basic types of vaporizers available on the market.


Recently vaporizers hit the market and they come in different types, sizes and of course prices. The wide range of vaporizers available on the market have made it extremely difficult to buy the best vaporizer for yourself even after hours of searching the net and checking what people's thoughts are on them. When you consider the basic types of marijuana vaporizers the crucial thing is heating unit and delivery method of produced vapor. Still we can't generalize as each model of vaporizer is unique in some way. Manufactures rival to come up with technology or design which will mark out their product and will be a good match for the requirements of all customers. In spite of their efforts, the reviews of particular models are so different that's impossible to choose the best vaporizer on the market as it is more the matter of personal preferences than technology.


Different types of marijuana vaporizers vary in the method of heating the plant material. Direct heating, known also as conduction, is rather a thing from the past that was commonly used in classic vaporizers. In such vaporizer you simply put cannabis on a metal plate which is heated. The drawback of this method is that not all plant material has contact with hot plate so not all active ingredients of herbs are released. The result is that even though you're using vaporizer, your vaping experience is very close to combustion as not all cannabis is heated equally and some can get burnt. Of course, you can always stir the weed so that it is heated equally, but you just miss the fun of vaporizing. Another type of marijuana vaporizer is one that uses convection method. Compared to conduction, it heats herb equally because heating element generates a hot flow of air which passes freely through the herbs without burning them. This type of heating is more efficient and there's no wonder that's used in most vaporizers available on the market. There're also vaporizers which use radiation heating but there're very rare. For example you can find such method in official medical marijuana equipment prescribed by a doctor. In this type of vaporizer, marijuana is exposed to bright light. Marijuana absorbs radiant energy and heats itself.


When it comes to different types of marijuana vaporizers, they also vary in how the vapor is delivered. Whip style vaporizers make use of direct lung delivery method. The user creates the vapor himself through inhalation. Whereas in indirect lung delivery method, machine creates vapor and temporarily stores it in balloons, bags, glass containers and cylinders. Bunch of vaporizers combine both these methods, e.g. V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer. It?s a good option for people who like to play with their vaporizer and who always want to have an option.



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