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Iolite Herbal Vaporizer $ 199.99

Balloon: No

Read out: No

Visible vapor process: No

Handheld IOLITE Vaporizer Patented flameless gas catalytic heater and thermostat, ensures that herbs are heated, not burned No waiting in between pulls for heat up or cool down Butane lasts 2 hours Pocket-size and discreet Full, Detailed Instructions Zippered Black Carrying Case Cleaning Tools, Stems, Screens and Accessories Included Includes Packaging


* Carrying Case
* Mouthpiece and Accessories
* Free Herbal Smoke Sample
* Free Herb Grinder
* Free UPS Shipping!


Lolite Herbal Vaporizer Review

Portable vaporizers are awesome. They're great to bring to a party, park or sporting event. The iolite vaporizer is the perfect portable vaporizer as it very easy to use and extracts herbs fantastically. Quality construction, two year warranty and a decent price are reasons to buy this portable vaporizer.

About the only downside is the seven to ten minute start up time.

The iolite is perfect for travel, obviously, but it?s also nice to pass around to friends for quick hits around the house. It is made by Oglesby & Butler, an Irish company with over 25 years making portable heating products. It?s genius!

How Does it Work?
The iolite Vaporizer is powered by butane gas. A small amount of butane is used to create a charge which allows for 2 hours of continuous vaporization.

The iolite Vaporizer uses a patented ?flame-less? gas catalytic heater and thermostat to vaporize your herb. The thermostat is Bi-Metal, something like the Volcano Vaporizer uses, capable to holding temperatures of 374° F / 190° C. Don?t worry, it?s completely safe. iolite Portable Marijuana Vaporizer

The butane conversion takes place within a separate chamber, making it impossible to inhale the vapors. As mentioned it is a slower vaporizer. Taking about seven to ten minutes before the first inhale of vapor can be taken. However, the quality of the vapor is amazing. Making it well worth the wait.

The iolite Vaporizer works best with finely ground herb.
This model vaporizer is wonderful for people who are constantly on the go. When a home model just won't do. It's also an excellent addition to the vapor enthusiasts collection. People who have fallen in love with vaporizing and no longer toke joints or bongs will really enjoy the experience


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