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The Q - Extreme Tower Vaporizer 3.0Vapir One

V-Tower Extreme Herbal Vaporizer $ 299.99

Balloon: Yes

Read out: Yes

Visible vapor process: No

Wherever possible the strongest highest quality glass parts are used. Why? Glass is inert, toxin free ensuring in smooth, tasty vapor. Others use metals, plastics, Teflon, aluminum and even wood in their construction or parts which can give off harmful toxins, bad taste and a poor experience.


UPRIGHT Cyclone Bowl
The BEST bowl on the market, it?s the perfect size and it's glass! The bowl stands vertically allowing the air to be distributed evenly and efficiently releasing the full flavor and potency.

recision Temperature Control
Precision matters. The Extreme operates with incredible precision. The beautiful LCD display shows the actual temperature and preset temp.

Ceramic Heater with lifetime warranty
Ceramic is used so there is no concern of toxins or bad tastes as there can be from metal heaters. Manufacturer lifetime warranty!


Detachable Balloon System
Once you?ve experienced the balloon option on The Extreme Vaporizer you?ll never want to be without this option. It detaches from the unit giving you freedom of movement, almost necessary for groups, it?s GREAT!

Auto shut off timer with 2 or 4 hour setting.
No more wondering ?did I shut it off?? :)

Insulated Dual Wall Stainless Steel Housing
Quality, classy stainless steel, insulated with safe non toxic food safe insulation. The unit is cool to touch.

(Extreme Vaporizer Only) - The World FIRST and ONLY !!
Use it for a day and it quickly becomes a ?must have? feature instead of a wow feature. FULL control of your unit via remote, Power On/Off, Lights On/Off, 3 Speed Fan, 2 and 4 hour timer, Beep On/Off, Temp Up, Temp Down and 9 Pre-Set Temperatures !!!

V-Tower Extreme Herbal Vaporizer Review

One of the best values of any vaporizer on the market. The V-Tower Extreme vaporizer not only looks great, but it?s also packed with a ton of great features. Like remote control, auto shut off, three speed fan, choice of balloon or whip and LCD temperature screen. This model vaporizer comes with a limited lifetime warranty, excellent price tag, and quality construction.

Many models of vaporizers barely differ. However, the V-Tower Extreme use some unique technology to create major marijuana vapor. Hot air is forced to pass through a glass bowl, vaporizing your herb, which is then inhaled via a balloon or whip.

With V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer digital readout LCD screen you can fine tune the right temperature. Try anywhere between 140 Celsius (284 Fahrenheit) and 220 Celsius (428 Fahrenheit).

The nice long whip provides some smooth clean hits while the remote control allows you to sit back take a hit and then pass to a friend.

V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers. Combining both balloon and whip inhalation while also vaporizing marijuana perfectly. Highly recommended.


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