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Volcano Digit Vaporizer System $ 669.00

Balloon: Yes

Read out: Yes

Visible vapor process: No

The Brand NEW Digital Volcano Digit Herbal Vaporizer has a LARGE fully customized Digital temperature LED display which immediately and precisely informs the user the status of the session reporting the desired and actual operating temperature.

The temperature on the Digital Volcano Digit Vaporizer ranges between 104 and 446 degrees F, with temperature accuracy and built in air filtration system makes the Digital Volcano Digit herbal Vaporizer the choice to be ahead of the game in the Vaporizer Revolution!

The main distinguishing feature of the Volcano Classic and Digit herbal vaporizer is the valve balloon into which the generated vapor is pumped. After the valve balloon is filled it can be completely detached and independently from the vaporizor so the content may be inhaled at ease, both comfortably and safely.

Comes with a shapely, brushed metal core. Care was taken to use tasteless materials that are food safe. Both, the high performance heating cartridge and the strong diaphragm pump can withstand the toughest of strains.

An independent temperature fuse, air filter and silencer are naturally included in all our Volcano herbal vaporizer as a specially designed aluminum heating block, which brings the air both cleanly and reliably to the desired temperature.

The Digital Volcano Digit Vaporizer system releases flavor and active ingredients from herbs through vaporization by hot air. The aromas of the plants hope, eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, sage, and thyme may reduce stress.

Precision electronic air temperature control and reliability previously unreachable in competing products have given the Digital Volcano Digit Vaporizer System setting the precedent among experts as the most technologically advanced professional herbal vaporizer available in the World today.

The Digital Volcano Digit Vaporizer can be used as an herbal vaporizer as a safer alternative to smoking. And with 3 to 4 times efficiency of greater delivery of active ingredients when compared with smoking, an investment in the Digital Volcano Digit Vaporizer pays for itself in the shortest amount of possible time.

Volcano Digit Vaporizer System Reviev

Storz & Bickels, makers of Volcano Vaporizers, have topped themselves. Creating a sleek new Volcano Vaporizer, Volcano Digit. This is the Volcano Classic with some great new engineering.

We all know the Volcano Classic had the most precise temperature control of all vaporizers. Temperature control is the reason Volcano Vaporizers are expensive vaporizers.
Volcano Vaporizer Digit

The Volcano Digital takes this temperature control to a whole new level with it's digital readout. This allows enthusiasts to dial in a temperature of their choosing. Funnily most choose 420F.

Marijuana begins to vaporize at 380F.
The digital readout allows a great deal of temperature experimentation. Another huge change with Volcano Digital is the balloon device has been dramatically changed. Gone is the bulky black nozzle replaced with a lighter sleek orange nozzle. Replacement kits are available for Volcano Classic owners to upgrade their system with.

These new nozzles are fantastic.
Volcano Digital is the best vaporizer on the market. Improving on two key areas from Volcano Classic. Adding a digital readout for amazing temperature control and creating a new balloon delivery nozzle. That is also amazing. The Volcano Digital is an expensive vaporizer, but worth the price tag.

How To Use Volcano Vaporizer

Congratulations on purchasing a Volcano Vaporizer. If you're like me, you're probably wondering how to use the volcano vaporizer most effectively. It's really easy to get started.

Setting the proper temperature is critical to your success. But temperature settings are also a personal preference issue. Some people prefer light marijuana vapor created from lower temperatures while others prefer a heavy dense vapor bag from higher temperatures. Firstly, lets turn your Volcano Vaporizer on by pushing the red button.

Dial in a temperature on the Volcano Digit by using the green up and down arrows.

The Volcano Classic requires the user to turn the dial. I prefer to vaporize marijuana at a 410F on volcano digit or set the classic at 7 on the dial. But marijuana will begin vaporizing at 380F. So lets set our temperature to 410F to get a stronger result.

After doing a session on this temperature feel free to play around with the settings to figure out what you prefer. This is what makes marijuana vaporizers so amazing.

The are numerous settings possible to brew marijuana vapor. The bottom temperature reading on the LCD display of the Volcano Digit is our goal while the top temperature reading is what the vaporizer is currently at.

While the temperature is slowly rising grind a small amount of marijuana using the orange Storz & Bickels grinder that comes with all Volcano Vaporizers. I dump my ground marijuana into a small plastic container that is then carefully dumped into volcano vaporizer bowl.

I use the volcano vaporizer accessory brush to sweep out all remaining trichromes.

You will need less marijuana than what you use to roll a joint with to achieve an equal, if not greater weed high than if you smoked a joint. Start with about half the marijuana you would use in a joint. Or if you're bold use the same amount!

When the two temperatures are matching on Volcano Digit or the orange light has come on for the Volcano Classic, we're ready to place the bowl on top of the vaporizer unit to fill our first vapor bag.

Before attaching a vapor bag to the bowl I like to run the volcano vaporizer for a few seconds. After this five second burst I attach a vapor bag. This burst warms my marijuana up and starts the vaporization process. When I don't do this I find the first vapor bag to be very weak.

The vapor in the balloons starts off mild. With subsequent fillings getting stronger. The second and third vapor bags are generally the best. With first and fourth bags weaker. Add more marijuana when you get a clear vapor bag. Or when you stop exhaling marijuana vapor after an inhale.

Using a joints worth of cannabis will get you plenty high. Several people have reported personal stories about getting such a great marijuana high that they've burst volcano vapor bags when brewing up more. Not realizing marijuana vapor can take a moment to hit you. This could be the reason the volcano vaporizer comes with five bags.


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