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VaporFection Stealth Junior DigitalVapormatic Deluxe

VaporFection Stealth VDS II $ 499.00

Balloon: No

Read out: Yes

Visible vapor process: No

The Vaporfection Stealth II VDS herbal vaporizer is a total digital control Vapor Delivery System.


The Vaporfection Stealth II VDS herbal vaporizer is a total digital control Vapor Delivery System.

All Vaporfection Stealth herbal vaporizer come with the following standard features:
* Patented glass element provides better efficiency and taste (This is a real heating element, not a light bulb!)
* Lead free vapor cooling fans provide better efficiency
* Advanced Vapor-Flow laboratory borosilicate glass vapor whip, mouth piece, and medical grade vapor flow tubing
* Digital microprocessor temperature controller featuring air-flow technology that measures air temperature/movement and adjusts heating element temperature to compensate (Stealth II VDS model Only)
* Separate vapor enhancing chamber contains only glass components - All electronics are separate from the vapor chamber
* Exclusive color changing Vapor Chamber
* All units will work on 220V electrical systems without converter.

Handcrafted in the USA, the Stealth II is equipped with our unique ?Set It and Forget It? feature. The temperature is achieved by initially pressing the up or down buttons on the digital temperature controller until you find your favorite herbal vaporizing temperatures. The system will remember the set temperature every time you use the herbal vaporizer. When you are done vaporizing, there is no need to turn the temperature down or do anything with your digital temperature controller. You simply turn the power switch off and walk away. The cooling fans will stay on until the unit has reached a cool and safe enough temperature to be removed or unplugged. Next time you want to vaporize, simply switch the unit on and it will automatically heat to your preferred temperature.


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