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Vapir One $ 149.99

Balloon: No

Read out: No

Visible vapor process: No

The Vapir One has quickly become the most popular hand held vaporizer on the market.


The Vapir One has quickly become the most popular hand held vaporizer on the market.

* NEW Improved performance!
* NEW Heats up instantly!
* NEW Stronger Vapor!
* Three Fan Speeds Allows for Specific Air Flow Control
* Key/Lock Mechanism Allows For Authorized Usage Only
* Revolutionary Quartz Crystal Heating Element - Heats Up Faster!
* Digital Back Lit Display - Allows for Exact Vaporization Temperatures
* Fully Featured in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius
* Users Manual

Since the dawn of time,humans have burned plants, inhaling unhealthy compounds from the burning that aren't found in the original plant. The Vapir line of vaporizers and vaporization products from Air-2 changes all that, releasing an herb's essential material without many of the toxic elements created by smoking.

Vapir One Review

Vapir is a big vaporizing company with many brands of marijuana vaporizers. I really liked the integration of the metal disc/screen in Vapir One that is also incorporated in the Vapir Vapormatic Deluxe Digital.

One main difference from other vaporizers is that the construction housing is in plastic. This drastically cuts down on weight while making the Vapir One somewhat of a portable vaporizer. I was really impressed with this marijuana vaporizer ability to heat up to the proper temperature quickly.

The company says this is because of its "Quartz Crystal Heating Element". Another big thing to mention is Vapir One is a digital vaporizer with temperature settings in a blacklit display. Also includes a balloon pack and mouthpiece.

The unique tray mechanism has many pros and cons, but is similar to the vapormatic deluxe. A small tray pops out where you stick a metal disc filled with marijuana in. These discs are interchangeable between Vapir One and Vapormatic Deluxe.

The marijuana vaporizer is shaped like a star trek gun. I found it's better placed on a tabletop during operation, but, who knows, maybe there is a better method that I haven't figured out yet.

Did I mention Vapir One also comes with a set of keys to make sure your friend doesn't start vaporizing when you're not around! The keys lock the vaporizer down, but honestly, if someone did that to me, I would get me another friend.

What about the vapor quality?
Vapir One produces quality marijuana vapor. I think this has much to do with their metal disc tray system. It extracts marijuana buds wonderfully. Producing a potent vapor bag.


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