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Recipes and ideas for cooking with vaporized herbs. Ideas what to do with your vaporizer’s leftovers.


Have you ever disposed of your vaporized weed with a heavy heart because you had the feeling that you could have squeezed more of your weed? If you nod your head in an answer for this question, it means that it’s high time to discover in yourself a real cook and change your kitchen into a small experimentation lab where you’d start off with baking vapor brownies.


The recipe is very simple even for first-time cooks and its advantage is that you can modify it according to your preferences. For making vapor brownies you need: around 130 ml of vaporized weed, 50 ml water, 50 ml canola oil and brownies mix. To make vapor brownies you need to heat the oil on the pan and threw vaporized weed on it. Mix it from time to time and keep it on stove for about an hour. After that time, take it off the stove and allow to cool down. Then, you have to remove the remaining oil by pouring the mixture through a strainer. When you have your brownies mix ready, you need to follow the recipe for ordinary brownies. Most brownies are baked at around 325F (162C) and for vapor brownies the temperature stays the same. The vapor brownies are really effective and their results can last very long because digestive process keeps the substances in organism longer in comparison to inhalation. It’s hard to say how much you should eat to get desirable effects but it’s better to start from smaller amounts to check how your body will react.

If it sounds yummy for you, why not giving it a try. Get the most out of your weed and discover a knack for cooking.



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