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Pen vaporizer like a James Bond gadget.


Pen vaporizer is a gadget which would come in handy even for James Bond. It’s a portable vaporizer which is designed especially for stealth missions. It’s a kind of vaporizer which many people heard about but few have it ever tested. Still it certainly sounds as something to try.


Probably the first thought which crosses your mind when you see the pen vaporizer is if it can actually work and can it replace a conventional vaporizer. At the first look you can easily mistake a pen vaporizer with an ordinary ball point pen but don’t be misled. At the closer look you can see that it has a pipe type tip at one end. You might certainly take a liking to the pen vaporizer for its sleek, smart and discreet design but above all for the freedom it gives you. You can use it everywhere you go, it’s extremely portable and battery powered. You can safely use it in public as it produces odorless vapor. Pen vaporizer instead of suspiction can only cause envy.


Some may say that’s not a vaporizer at all but a simple e-cigarette. Nothing further from the truth, there’s a big difference between both. E-cigarette is designed for nicotine whereas the pen vaporizer is adjusted to vaporizing herbs. Herbs are applied into the pen vaporizer in a liquid form and only 4 drops are enough to get a light and soothing vapor. What’s more the pen vaporizer works without much learning curve. It’s enough to press the button and suck the pen vaporizer to activate it.



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