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How to use lighter powered portable vaporizers?


Portable vaporizers are tempting for many users as they’re pocket size, simple in design, effective and safe for health. When it comes to portable vaporizers, it seems that their only downside is the heat source which may cause problems for some users. Wildly popular heat source for portable vaporizers is the vaporizer lighter. Many users choose the lighter powered vaporizers because they are incomparably cheaper than electric or battery powered vaporizers. Nevertheless, lighter powered vaporizers require learning curve. It takes some time to determine how to use the vaporizer lighter for heating herbs in order to bring out the intense vapor out of them.


Voodoo Vaporizer

Voodoo Vaporizer


The things which you certainly have to master while using lighter powered portable vaporizer is how to supply flame to the vaporizer and how to find middle ground between flame size and the rate of inhalation. As an example we can use one of the most popular vaporizer among portable vaporizers, Vapor Genie. Some users claim that when they use Vapor Genie, they can get from 10 to even 20 draws out of one bowl fully loaded with herbs. The number of draws depends on their size but experienced users in this matter recommend the draw which lasts from 6 to 8 sec to get the best possible effects. Learning how to draw from this particular vaporizer is not the only thing you have to practise. It’s equally important to apply the flame of proper height which is advised to be about 1 inch. It’s also vital to find correct position for the flame. It can’t touch ceramic filters because flame can damage them. And finally, you need to learn how to coordinate flame size and inhalation to get just the right vaporizing temperature. When there’s no vapor it may indicate that temperature is too low. To make it higher you can either inhale slower or apply bigger flame. On the other hand, when you feel your herb is burning, try to inhale faster or alternatively use smaller flame.


Don’t be discouraged, even if your first encounter with lighter powered vaporizer may be a bit of a letdown. You can be sure that after few attempts, you’ll learn how to get the most of your vaporizer and how to make it work like a charm.



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