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How to increase the effectiveness and quality of produced vapor in the vaporizer?


Do you feel like you’re not getting as much out of your herb as you should? Something is being made wrongly. Follow our tips to increase the effectiveness and quality of produced vapor. It seems that the most essential thing when it comes to vaporizing herbs is the proper preparation of plant material. So apart from buying a vaporizer, you should also think about investing in good-quality herb grinder. You may also use one for grinding coffee, which you’ll certainly find in your kitchen, but be careful not to grind herbs too much as you may find parts of them in the vapor afterwards. It can give you unpleasant feeling when you exhale your vapor and can cause even nasal irritation. You can also crash herbs in your own fingers, which is the easiest method though not the most effective one. After a little bit of practice each user can tell the difference between vapor which comes out of properly ground herbs and that which not. Such vapor is extremely intense as hot air passes freely through the plant material in the vaporizer extracting all active materials which then are easily absorbed by body. More so, the quality of vapor depends also on the quality of herb you have. You can easily notice the increase in vapor from the higher quality stuff.


Your own body can also contribute to maximum benefits that you can get from vaporizing herbs. What you should do first and foremost is to hydrate your body properly. When there’s a lot of water in your organism, vapor is absorbed easier and more effective. So it’s enough to grab a glass of water before you start vaporizing session. Also another thing that matters is the breathing technique. Right breathing enhances not only the absorption of vapor into your body but in the first place allows you to enjoy the benefits of your herbs fully. When it comes down to breathing, it’s good to hold vapor in your lungs for few seconds to achieve the best effect. It’s best to hold it for at least 8 seconds but you can do it as long as you feel comfortable. Then, you can exhale it slowly through your nose.


You should also keep in mind that right temperature matters as well. In higher temperature, all active ingredients are released at once so the vapor is very intense. Still if the temperature is too high, you can burn your herbs. Of course, you get the best vapor when vaporizing herbs for the first time but you can re-use plant material even 3-4 times to get the most of them. If you feel that you’re not the master of vaporization yet, don’t get discouraged there’s a learning curve; the more you vaporize, the better vapor you get each time.



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