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Ways of improving the effectiveness of vaporizing. How to get the most out of your vaporizer.


The effectiveness of vaporizer depends to a huge extend not only on the type and quality of vaporizer but also on the experience of the user. Even the most top-end vaporizer when used in a wrong way can turn out to be quite ineffective in comparison to these of lower quality. The experience which the user gets along with each vaporizing session is one of the crucial factors. Sometimes instead of following manuals for a given model of vaporizer you need to learn by trial-and-error method how to use the vaporizer in the most effective way.


V-Tower Extreme Herbal Vaporizer

V-Tower Extreme Herbal Vaporizer


The efficiency of the vaporizer depends on the quality of vaporizer. Technology used in cheap vaporizers may turn out to be insufficient for a proper and efficent weed vaporizing. In fact, one of the first things you need to determine is the right temperature setting for a given plant that you want to vaporize. It’s good to follow herbs vaporizing temperatures but again they can vary depending on the model of vaporizer. According to some researches, most vaporizers show the highest efficiency at 226°C (439°F) depending on the plant material used for vaporizing. In terms of temperature and efficiency some users advise to heat the vaporizer before putting herbs in order to get better effects.


Some experience and practice is necessary not only to adjust perfect temperature setting but also for working out the best possible way of drawing vapor out of vaporizer. One of the advised techniques is to take slow and deep rips. Another technique for effective vaporizing is to stir herbs in-between taking rips to make herbs last for longer. It’s especially true for whip vaporizers which often come with a stir tool. Also keep in mind to clean your vaporizer regularly as it not only prolongs its working life but makes the herbs taste better. Another tip is to avoid adding fresh herbs to already vaporized ones. When you use only fresh herbs, you get better tasting vapor and you can squeeze more out of herbs.


Remember that practice makes the master, after few vaporizing sessions you’ll quickly get a hang of things and work out the best possible way for effective vaporizing.



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