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Herbs most commonly used in vaporizers. Consider vaporizing herbs which you can find around.


Vaporizer has multitude of applications which you might not be aware of. It’s enough to go into grandma’s kitchen garden and experiment with its content. Surely most of the herbs you will find there are fit for vaporizing. Either you want to add them to your weed to change the flavor of vapor or vaporize them individually, keep in mind that vaporizing herbs can have some medical effects which might be good for your organism but some might be unsuitable as well. More so, take into account that herb vaporization temperatures differ and you should check them individually before you start vaporizing herbs.


There’re a lot of herbs which you can easily grow yourself so they are always ready at hand. Some of these herbs might be used for aromatherapy purposes while others for its sedative effects. Most popular herb to vaporize among herb enthusiasts is eucalyptus. This plant is pleasant smelling and has a cooling effect. Another nice smelling plant is Lavender which is used by people who appreciate its calming effect. Chamomile and Peppermint are also at the top list of frequently vaporized herbs. You can vaporize some Peppermint with your bud to add mental taste to your vapor. Similarly, Damiana is among favorites for people who want to strengthen their nervous system. People’s opinions on Salvia are contradictory, you may like it or not, but one is sure, it can get you nice high. Passion Flower has tranquilizing qualities and is easy to grow. You can get soothing effects while vaporizing green tea which is also frequently chosen for vaporizing. Lemon balm is good for nervous system so it’s a perfect antidote for depression. There are also other herbs and plants, which even though don’t grow on roadsides or in the kitchen gardens, are easily accessible thanks to the Internet. Even though the choice of right herb for you is very subjective but once you find your perfect match, you’ll quickly discover that vaporizing herbs is certainly the good way to go. Try vaporizing herbs for yourself and it’ll be a real eye opener to new possibilities of your vaporizer.



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