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Glass vaporizer pipe is an easy and fast way of vaporizing.


Glass vaporizer pipe, such as Eagle Bill Vaporizer, at first sight doesn’t differ much from a normal glass pipe, however, it can work wonders once you’ll get the hang of it.

Generally, when you see a cheap vaporizer, your expectations are rather low when it comes to its performance. Nevertheless, in case of glass vaporizer pipe, you’d be surprised how much vapor it can produce even out of small amount of weed. The glass vaporizer pipe can be surprisingly efficient and the most important thing, healthy, as it doesn’t burn weed but heats it to the point when you get the vapor. In fact, that’s the trickiest thing about the glass vaporizer pipes. It’s hard to use such vaporizer at first because you must watch out not to burn the weed. After you put herbs into the bowl, you should heat the bottom of the bowl for 35-60 seconds till you see the vapor. Then you have to shake the vaporizer to get more vapor. Finally, you can smoke it the same way as with a traditional pipe. It’s a manual vaporizer so the learning curve can be a bit of a pain at the beginning but it’s worth it.


Eagle Bill Vaporising Pipe - Shake and Vap

Eagle Bill Vaporising Pipe - Shake and Vap


The glass vaporizer pipe certainly scores the point for its portability. It’s really a mini vaporizer pipe so it’s perfect if you need a discreet vaporizer. Users also report that glass vaporizers pipes are relatively easy to clean. It’s enough to pour inside some alcohol and salt, shake the vaporizer until it removes all resin, then rinse it with water and dry.

The thing which may be problematic about the glass vaporizer pipe is that they are quite easy to break if you’re not careful enough.



Eagle Bill Vaporising Pipe
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