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Factors affecting vaporizer’s output.

When you turn from smoking to vaping, you expect the best possible effects not only for your health but also for your psychological and physical well-being. Oftentimes when you purchase your first vaporizer, the vapor quality at the beginning may be unsatisfactory. Why it happens like that?


Eagle Bill Vaporising Pipe - Shake and Vap

Eagle Bill Vaporising Pipe - Shake and Vap


All vaporizer’s users claim that vaporizer high is different from smoking high. It’s clearer, more intense and is less intoxicating in effect. However, in order to achieve the vapor of highest quality, it’s good to keep in mind some factors which determine the vaporizer’s output. To start with, temperature is the key to success. Therefore, many vaporizer users decide to buy a digital vaporizer such as Volcano vaporizer so that they can precisely set the temperature. Specific plants extract their bioactive elements at given temperature which make them the most effective. For example, the best temperature for marijuana is approximately 365° Fahrenheit. However, it can range few degrees depending on the moisture of the herbs and the type of vaporizer you have.


Another thing to remember is to prepare your herbs in a right way. You can’t throw herbs into the filling chamber of vaporizer and expect stunning effects. Little effort that you have to put into grinding herbs, really affects vapor quality to a huge extend. It happens like that because when you prepare herbs, there’s more surface area available to the heated air passing through the filling chamber. It also depends on you, how much herbs you put into the filling chamber, the more you put, the denser vapor you can get. However, try not to overfill the filling chamber or press plant material too tightly because it can create an obstacle for heated air to pass freely. Another reason, why you shouldn’t pack too much herbs into chamber is the possibility of burning the ceramic filter with flame if you use a lighter as heating in such vaporizer models as Vapor Genie.


If you use a bag vaporizer, you can store your vapor for later. Still you should keep in mind that the vapor loses its potency over time and even if you can get three bags out of your vaporized stuff, the vapor only in the first of them will be dense and intense. Generally, user reports state that vapor is good for around an hour, and then gradually degrades. Unfortunately, there’s no practical way to save the vapor for later consumption without losing its potency.



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