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Erbo pipe is a significant evolution in smoking devices.


Erbo pipe is a new way to smoke. It’s not really a vaporizer but rather a sophisticated, mechanized bong which even though burns plant material, uses technology which enhances smoking experience. That’s why Erbo pipe is an answer for those who aren’t totally into vaporizers and are looking for something in between a bong and a vaporizer.


Erbo pipe differs from a regular bong because it’s totally hygienic. The user doesn’t touch a mouthpiece as the smoke stream shoots out of the smoking device thanks to a small fan which is mounted inside. Erbo pipe is really easy to operate; you need to add a teaspoon of water into the chamber, load the bowl and then lit it by adding the flame. You can control it by pushing the button for the duration of your hit. When you release the button, the smoke stops to be blown out. It’s really great for parties because you can share it with your friends without any health risks.


The innovativity of Erbo pipe lies in hydrofuge technology which does a good job of filtering out all dangerous substances from smoke. The fan inside the Erbo pipe pushes the smoke down under the water and then shoots the smoke stream to you. It produces smooth smoke which is easy on the lungs and eliminates cough.


Another thing which speaks for Erbo pipe is its price. You can buy one even for 60$ and you can be pretty sure that it’s not the waste of money.


It seems that the only con is that Erbo pipe gets dirty quite quickly and requires a great deal of cleaning. However, there’s also a solution to this problem. It’s enough to buy some cleaning solution and it does its work really well.




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