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You don’t need to buy pricey vaporizers for vaporizing weed, you can do own electric vaporizer yourself. 


Have you ever tried to make a vaporizer on your own? Maybe you have already tried to make a light bulb home model vaporizer? Now it’s time to move to the next level and try to make a vaporizer which is more complicated. If you want a real cheapie among vaporizers and certainly you don’t want to dish out $500 for Volcano, you should make your own electric vaporizer. You can make a vaporizer relatively quickly and out of materials which you’ll certainly find at home. Still, remember that you’ll deal with power so it can be dangerous. That’s why you can’t leave your home model vaporizer unattended if you don’t want to torch the house or seriously harm yourself.


If you wonder how to make a vaporizer, here you’ll find basic design of an electric vaporizer which you can make on your own. You can modify it accordingly to your ideas and wishes to suit you better. Basically, for your electric home model vaporizer you need: a soldering iron, a mason jar or glass, some tubing, a metal travelling cup, a stainless steel measuring spoon, a screw, drill, pliers, and electrical tape. First, take the tip out of the soldering iron and then take the handle off of the measuring spoon which will serve as a bowl. Next, drill a hole in the spoon and put a screw. After doing that, take a metal cup and drill two holes in it; one at the bottom and the second one near the top to put tubing thorough. Cut the soldering iron cord and use a pair of pliers for removing coating from both sides of the cut wire. Then, put the soldering iron into the cup and pull the cord through the hole you’ve just drilled at the bottom. Reattach the wire ends inside the cup, color to color using electrical tape. Alternatively, you can also use wire connectors to do that. To make soldering cord steady inside the mug, you can put there fish stones or some marbles. The next thing you have to do is to drill a hole in the cap to hold the end of the tubing that should be sticking out of the mug. Besides, you have to cut another hole in the center of the cap where the iron soldering tip will stick out. When the lid is on the mug, protect the holes you’ve made before with the tape to avoid leakage. The next step is to screw the bowl onto the iron using the screw you put into it earlier. The last thing is to put the jar or glass at the top of mug.


When your home model vaporizer is ready to use, plug it in the dimmer and when it heats up a little bit, load quickly the bowl with weed using tweezers and cover it with the glass or jar. When you see whitish vapor inside, it’s high time to unplug your vaporizer and move to the most pleasurable part of vaporizer making, this is to say vaping.



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