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Does vaporization of legal herbs in vaporizer have effects comparable to marijuana?


It’s legal to posses vaporizer in most of the countries on the conditions that you use it for aromatherapeutic purposes only. So if you want to be on good terms with the law, it’s better to choose legal herbs which can give you a ‘legal high’ but the effect is not quite like vaporizing marijuana.


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V-Tower Extreme Herbal Vaporizer

It’s not possible to find a substitute for marijuana which has so relaxing and intense effect. Depending on what you expect you can find legal herbs which vaporization creates mild, relaxing high or you can choose herbs or herbs blends which have more intense effects. Salvia divinorum is one of the legal herbs which has psychoactive effects and many believe it is the only alternative for marijuana. After vaporizing salvia you may have elevated mood, experience feelings of increased insight, calmness, connection with the universe and some users of salvia have reported to experience spiritual trips. Overall, the effects of vaporizng salvia are positive and outweigh the occasional feelings of anxiety and body sensations such as sweating or feeling hot. In order to make it work in the vaporizer, you need to use really high temperature to activate the chemicals. At the same time you have to be careful in order not to burn it. There’s one more thing you need to know about salvia, it’s illegal in some of the countries so before you decide to buy it, make sure that you can use it in your country. Other legal herbs for vaporizing available on the market have a mild and rather relaxing high and you can’t expect the same results as vaporizing marijuana because you will be disappointed with the effects. Many people have also successfully vaporized Wild dagga which provides subtle relaxing effect. Similarly Damiana and Kanna can be vaporized for relaxation purposes. You may also find many herbal blends for vaporizing which combine effects of different herbs and actually can be more powerful than a single herb.


To choose the best alternative for vaporizing marijuana is quite impossible but experimenting with different legal herbs gives you a unique chance to discover the new face of vaporizing.



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