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DIY – light bulb homemade vaporizer for vaporizing weed.


Do you have a knack to do something out of nothing? If the answer is yes, here you’ll find few tips how to make home model vaporizer without much effort and expenses. Let’s face the truth, a light bulb homemade vaporizer isn’t comparable to a real vaporizer but it conceals the smell of weed and the produced vapor is less harsh for your throat and lungs.


Do you wonder how to make a vaporizer like that? Nothing easier, you need some tools such as a pair of pliers or something else to pull the top off the light bulb, pen casing, a roll of tape, a cap from the bottle. When you have everything ready, you can start doing your own home model vaporizer. Here are some instructions to follow.


To start with, take a light bulb, choose a high voltage one because its size suits the bottle cap better, and remove the metal cap by means of pliers or a knife. Then, break the curves inside with the knife or screwdriver and take all debris from inside the light bulb. Do it carefully in order not to break the whole light bulb. Next step is to wash the light bulb out several times and if it’s still impossible to remove white powder which is inside, put dry salt in it and shake it. The light bulb must be perfectly clean before you start vaping. You can make it dry faster after washing by using a blow-dryer. When your light bulb is ready, you have to take pen casing and cut a hole in the cap which will be close to the diameter of pen casing. The next step is to put the weed inside the light bulb before closing the top of the light bulb with the cap with attached pen casing. A good idea is to use a tape to fit it in better. Finally, your home model vaporizer is ready to use. For heating the weed, you can use a lighter or a candle to provide a steady flame. When you inhale the vapor, remember to do it slowly and don’t close your mouth too tightly around the pen casing. If there’s a little space the vapor mixes with a cool air and it isn’t too hot and irritating for your respiratory system.


In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3 to make a vaporizer which is not only a cheap vaporizer but also which is a great way to try out vaping before you buy a real vaporizer.



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