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The Digital vaporizer, as an example of high-tech vaporizer, compared to classical vaporizer, as an epitome of reliability and high quality. The Digital vaporizer is one of the most expensive vaporizers and future customer will learn that it’s worth its price.


The Volcano vaporizer comes in two forms: Classical and Digital, so that everyone can choose an optimal model for one’s own needs. It goes without saying that both vaporizers are of highest quality and reliability and differences between them originate from the need to suit the customers’ requirements better and keep up with the times.


Their basic design is comparable and it includes the chamber where herbs are heated, two types of valves and the balloon. The first difference is visible, however, when one looks at their price. The Digital vaporizer is considerably more expensive because of advanced technologies used in this model. Nevertheless, the higher price of one doesn’t suggest that the other is worse. The Classic vaporizer is just an option for people who value simplicity and don’t want to pay extra money for additional facilities.


The superiority of digital vaporizer over classic one manifests itself in the application of LED display which allows to set the temperature precisely and avoid burning herbs. The Volcano Digital offers temperature accuracy of about 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit while the accuracy of Volcano Classic is +/- 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature range of The Volcano Digital is higher when compared to the Volcano Classics range. The possibility of achieving greater accuracy of temperatures and its higher ranges may be useful especially for those who want to experiment with plants with different vaporization temperatures. Additionally, the user can leave the machine unattended when the process of vaporization is taking place as the vaporizer is equipped with an automatic switch off. Moreover, producers offer different sets of accessories which vary according to their price. The consumer may also choose between two types of valves which are compatible with the classic and digital vaporizer. The solid valve is reusable and cheaper but customers can also pick disposable easy valve, yet they have to be prepared to pay more for their convenience.


Needless to say no matter which option the consumer chooses, one will become the owner of the best vaporizer on the market.



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