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Cheap vaporizers are a good alternative for those who want to pay less and derive pleasure from the very act of vaporization.


The price of vaporizer is often a crucial selling point which can encourage or discourage from buying a certain unit. If you prefer not to shell out money on vaporizers like Volcano, there’re still many cheap vaporizers to choose from. Even the cheapest vaporizer available on the market can give you the taste of vaporizing and can do the job well. Still keep in mind that in most cases you get what you pay for so don’t expect from a cheap vaporizer perfection comparable to one which expensive vaporizers can offer.



There’s a widespread opinion that cheap vaporizers are crappy and it’s better to save up money to get the vaporizer of higher quality. It goes without saying that there’s a grain of truth in such opinions but as long as vaporizer is used properly and doesn’t burn weed but vaporize it, it’s worth trying it.


Certainly one of the cheapest vaporizers on offer is the Ubie. In fact, it’s a mere commercialized version of homemade light bulb vaporizer but the price around $20 speaks for itself and can convince even skeptics for trying it out. It’s very small, portable and powerless what can be important for those who don’t want to be reliant on batteries. On the other hand, it’s made of glass so it’s quite easy to break. Another cheap portable vaporizer is Vapor genie. It’s a good alternative for bong lovers as it’s equally portable, effective and simple to use. But above all, it’s safer for your health than a bong and $50 is the price which you can certainly pay for your satisfaction. It’s worth to mention Oxygen mini as well which can be also counted among the group of cheap vaporizers. It’s a portable, stealthy vaporizer which is extremely easy to operate and you can get one for $100.


Still if you believe that cheap portable vaporizers are just a makeshift of real ones, then you should try whip/box type vaporizers to truly experience vaping. One of the cheapest vaporizers is standard dome style vaporizer which you can find even for $25. If you like whip vaporizers, Hotbox Vaporizer may catch your attention and it’s available for $150. Its price and cool design are not its only advantages. It produces vapor which is smooth and good tasting. If you look for a bag vaporizer, you can get Vapir One Vaporizer around the same price.

Even if you’re on the budget, you don’t have to resign from vaporizers as even the cheapest ones can give you the taste of vaporizing.



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