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Bong vaporizer attachment is a quick and cheap way of experiencing the sensation of vaporization while using your bong.


Some stoners simply can’t part with their bongs for many reasons. For some using bong instead of vaporizer is the matter of habit, for other the matter of principles and for yet another the matter of preference. If you’re among one of these bong enthusiasts and it’s hard for you to switch into full vapor, you can use bong vaporizer attachment and a little bit of black magic to enhance your vaping experience without resigning from your tried and true bong.


Using bong attachments is easy as 1,2, 3 and offers totally different experience than smoking from a straight vaporizer. Bong vaporizer attachment will work with any vaporizer that uses the same size whip tubing. So the only thing you have to do is to choose the right bong attachment to your vaporizer. You need to know the size of the hole on the bong and it’s enough to measure the inner diameter across the top of your bong. Basically, there’re three types of bongs: straight 10 mm glass bowl, 14 mm glass on glass bowl and 18.8/19 mm glass on glass bowl. There’re corresponding bong attachments for each size. If you want to attach your bong to vaporizer, take the mouthpiece off and stick the hose into the downstream of a clean bong. It’s a mix of two and won’t disappoint you.


You may ask what the point of attaching a bong and vaporizer is and believe me, many had the same doubts before they had tried it out. Now, for many stoners it’s preferred method of using bong. There are numerous reasons why vaping with a bong attachment is just the bee’s knees. The most appealing thing is that the vapor is cooler and not so harsh on your throat so you can even turn your vape up to higher temperature and reduce the amount of herb in the whip. More so, the vapor is hydrated and not as dry as from the vaporizer so you can take bigger rips without the harshness or coughing associated with smoking. When you use only vaporizer, some particles of herb can come through the screen and irritate your throat. With bong vaporizer attachment, water acts as a filter and prevents you from inhaling any plant material. The vapor-bong hits are smoother and much more concentrated than traditional bong hits.


If you’re concerned with your health but still can’t put down your bong, open yourself to new possibilities of using it. Bong vaporizer attachment is an option you should certainly consider.



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