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Beginners Guide To Marijuana Vaporizers


Understanding the basics of marijuana vaporizers will ensure you get the most enjoyment out of them. Expensive vaporizers can deliver up to 90 per cent of the active ingredient in marijuana. Compared to 50 per cent in a joint and 70 per cent in a bong.


When operated correctly almost all vaporizers, including cheap vaporizers, are the most effective cannabis delivery method. Expensive vaporizers are more effective than cheaper vaporizers at extracting THC from cannabis.


Marijuana VaporizersEnthusiasts debate how well different models of vaporizers extract cannabis. Temperature control is the key to getting the most out of your vaporizer. Marijuana vapor begins to be released at 380F with the uppermost range 420F. The proper temperature is key to vaporizer success. Vaporizers are fun to experiment with. Especially around temperature control. Seek out your own ideal temperature. With experimentation comes experience at using the vaporizer which will also produce better results.


A Few Vaporizer Tips

1. "Lightly" grind up your herb. Do not turn it into a powder, just grind into small chunks.

2. While grinding turn on your vaporizer. Wait until it's ready. Start up wait time will depend on your vaporizer model. It's usually around 5 minutes or so. Some models can take up to 10 minutes.

3. When placing your marijuana in the vaporizer herb chamber, make sure it's evenly spread so it will vaporize equally.

4. It takes between 2-5 minutes before marijuana vapor begins to form.

5. When you notice that no additional vapor is being generated the marijuana bud is done.

6. Remember to turn vaporizer off when your finished!

7. Be careful not to inhale more than you need. Many first time vaporizer users have a tendency to vaporize too much marijuana because they think they didn?t get enough. Since the vapor is so thin it appears that you aren?t getting enough when you are.


Marijuana VaporizersUse the same amount you would in a bong or pipe.

Wait before adding more. Adjust temperature if adding a second round based on not enough.
Often times first timers won't vaporize their marijuana long enough
Remember when operated correctly vaporizers are more effective than a bong so this amount should be more than enough for serious enjoyment.



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