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Creativity is an answer for cheap vaporizing. A simple idea for homemade vaporizer.


The ideas for homemade vaporizers are not only the outcome of money shortages but above all they’re the result of need for fun and incentive activity for resourceful people. A homemade vaporizer is not only a cheap vaporizer which you can make to pass the time during long winter evenings but also an innovative device which can provide loads of satisfaction upon completing it. You can find many instructables on the web how to make a vaporizer. Starting from very simple ones and ending on vaporizer projects which require more time and skills to make them.


Generally, there’s a trend to use a light bulb vaporizer which is really simple one to make and totally cost-free. But I would like to focus your attention on a homemade vaporizer which many have been looking for; I mean the vaporizer which is a cheap alternative for Volcano Vaporizer. To make the vaporizer like that, you’ll need: a heat gun, an oven bag, a huge glass jar with a lid (you can use something a fishbowl), a rubber band or tape, pvc valve, pvc on/off valve connector, one glass tube with screen.


Once you’ve collected all the stuff necessary to make a vaporizer, you can get down to work. To start with, drill two holes in the lid of the glass jar. The glass tube and PVC elbow should snugly fit in the holes, in case there’s some free space, you can wrap the holes with tape to cover them. Then, connect pvc elbow to pvc on/off valve and to the bag by means of tape. Put a glass tube in the second hole and insert the screen inside which provides the place to load the herb. The basic vaporizer model is ready and it works like that: the heat gun blows the air down the glass tube, heats the herb, then the air goes past the pvc valve which controls opening and closing and finally it reaches the oven bag attached to the bottom of pvc valve. When the bag fills with vapor, you should close the valve and turn off the heat gun. Then dismount the bag from the pvc valve, squeeze it and inhale your homemade vapor.



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